Phil Slater

Phil Slater was Educated in Nottingham in graphic design and marketing, working with leading advertising agencies in the 1980s before moving to Skye to found design and marketing agency Pelican. After 21 years left to become Sales and Marketing Director with a renewable energy company, growing sales and market share. Joined SPT Systems as Managing Director in early 2014 to bring innovative new build products to market. Now managing teams in Scotland, London and Ireland, gaining multi million pound orders from leading architects and developers using the SPT Econex build system, including London Underground and Docklands Light Railway.

Articles written by Phil:

The game has changed

December 1st 2015 by Phil Slater

We’ve seen a gradual change in Scotland from traditional block building towards timber frame structures, the problem is that timber frame is struggling to reach the new building code, needing ever thicker walls to integrate the required insulation.