Editorial Policy

Infro is online blog, community and resource for the Construction, Infrastructure and Energy industries. We do things a little bit differently to other Industry Blogs out there. We report industry news, challenge opinion, showcase innovation / talent in the area and offer technical guidance all free of charge. Our content writers are a mix of regular contributors and guest writers who are passionate about the industry.

We encourage anybody to write for Infro, whatever their allegiances and whether they are directly involved in the fore mentioned industries or not. The important thing is there is real value to the readers within the content.

When articles are submitted, it is important to be concise and to the point. It’s all well and good writing a ten page article, but sometimes what can be said could be done in just two pages. For guidance on our writing style.

If you have something to say about the industry, here are a few guidelines to help you to create that perfect article.

Reporting Process

  • Writers must represent themselves and Infro accurately and professionally at all times.
  • Journalistic, or neutral tone, encouraged and required unless the article is explicitly reviewing content, is an essay or an editorial.
  • It is not our policy to submit copy to sources in advance for their approval.
  • Writer is responsible for double-checking spelling of names, film titles, years, and other reported facts.


The majority of the articles on Infro are short, punchy and bite sized. Submissions usually fall in to two types.

a) 350-550 words. These articles are short and snappy with links to additional content or download material
b) 550-1100 words. These articles are for the longer technical guidance or tutorial content.

In very exceptional circumstances, you may feel that you need more space for your article. We normally reserve the larger slots for interviews or special features, but if you do think that you need three to four pages, by all means do.

We are happy for you to include visual content but it is important to keep a balance where possible. Giving us a bit of space allows us to make your article look inviting and encouraging more people to read your wisdom.


Now that you have decided on the article length, you can start on your article structure. There is no point in having a great idea for an article, ruined by a disjointed introduction and a rushed conclusion. Be clear and concise, try to group your points together methodically and give each section equal merit within the article.


A long solid body of text will often put people off reading and needs to be of unbelievable quality to maintain people’s interest. Try to think about ways of making it more interesting – visual content, quotes, statistics, bullet points, maps, or anything else you can think of.


Everything you take the time to check is one less thing for us to worry about, and whilst getting spellings and facts wrong is nothing more than slightly irritating, we really appreciate it when people make our lives easier. One thing that is important, though, don’t write a single word that you can’t prove is true, or that you wouldn’t stand by in court.


Articles can be submitted in Microsoft word format. For visual content advice, please contact get@infro.co.uk

Editorial Process

  • The editing process varies by individual writer, depending on quantity and quality of past stories.
  • A light edit includes small changes to adhere to Infro’s style sheet or for purposes of accuracy or brevity. Often those changes are not sent to writer to approve.
  • If editor requires additional clarification, reporting, or approval of changes, writer will receive copy for approval.
  • It is not our policy to submit articles to sources in advance for their approval.

Final Word

Our guide is here to make your writing better and our job easier, it is not here to restrict you. You can’t teach good imagination – it’s the integral to a great article or story. General rule – a minute of thought is worth an hour of writing. Think inspiration, not perspiration… Now go and write us something fantastic.

For all enquiries contact get@infro.co.uk