Dutchman looks to the Highlands

Posted on March 16th 2016

by Stephen Nicolson

Arjen Broens, with more than 25 years of experience in construction, infrastructure, energy and renewables (CIER) is hoping the Highlands will provide him with the ideal environment in order to enhance his skills and hone his talents – but there’s a problem.

Born in the Netherlands but currently based in Edinburgh, Arjen has been forced to negotiate a number of hurdles in his bid to further his knowledge in the industry after calling time on a career in the North Sea.


It’s as if they’ve “switched off their radar” he said of industry employers’ reluctance to call on the services of individuals coming with experience in the Oil and Gas sector.

Most notably, he believes the dip offshore has forced qualified and experienced engineers to fill a temporary gap in CIER until such time that the North Sea hints at shoots of recover. However, Arjen regards it as a gap CIER firms will be unwilling to accommodate as they would be left searching for solutions themselves as soon as the North Sea found its feet, once again.

Arjen has held senior positions with various firms including overseeing the running of his own engineering business, for more than seven years. He has specialised in building and construction and while enjoying this phase of his professional development, described it as “doing what he does best.”

All that aside though, what drives Arjen’s desire to pursue a change in lifestyle and relocate to this picturesque corner of the country? Well, exactly that in fact.

While acknowledging the financial incentive that a position in Oil and Gas can – or at least could offer – he could not ignore the strain that the lifestyle can have on both personnel and professional relationships, therefore money becomes somewhat less important.

Furthermore, having worked the world over, Arjen is quick to pinpoint the benefits of working within a close-knit, productive team on a local scale. This, together with a healthy family life provides him with the perfect balance to enjoy all aspects of life.

This, he says, “beats” money in every way, shape and form.

Boasting technical expertise and strong interpersonal and group skills, Arjen would be more than willing to take up a variety of challenges within the industry to cement these qualities and prove he has the wherewithal to succeed.

In further admiration for the Highlands, this well-travelled Dutchman tells of his crucial personal drive as he looks to call the area home.
He said: “Relocation to the Highlands and Islands to have a stable base here is the most personal and crucial drive when the world has been explored. It makes you focus on what’s most important in life – at work and at home.”

There is no doubt that Arjen Broens has what it takes. Both on a personal level and professionally, he possesses a unique inner drive to succeed – and he has proved this. He speaks with a conviction that belies his current circumstances as he seeks his next opportunity.

Whether a North CIER firm presents him with that opportunity or not remains to be seen but they would be employing an individual with a firm belief that the region is the perfect platform for him thrive.

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