Scottish Apprenticeship Week: Skills Development Scotland

Posted on February 29th 2016

by Duncan MacPherson

To celebrate Skills Development Scotland’s (SDS) Scottish apprenticeship week at Infro, we will showcase one apprentice each day in a focused article.

SDS has themselves launched a new platform to help young people find employment through an apprenticeship.  The website can be found at and posts can be published by employers for free, which in turn allows potential apprentices to apply directly through the brand new site.

Deputy Director of digital services at SDS, George Boag, said: “The website makes it easy for young people to find Modern Apprenticeships near them and for employers to list job vacancies.”

SDS have set out objectives in order to increase the number of Modern Apprenticeship starts each year in Scotland from 25,000 to 30,000 by 2020.  Enhancing the work-based learning system and tackling youth unemployment with equality and diversity will be a key feature of this expansion and will be at the forefront of what SDS are looking to achieve.

SDS believes that the figures paint a promising picture with 92 per cent of Modern Apprentices staying in work once qualified with 96 per cent of employers stating that Modern Apprentices are more likely to be a success within their jobs.

SDS believes to that it is learning from countries like Germany as they sit at the top of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development youth employment rankings.  Austria and Switzerland are also achieving similar feats and SDS is looking to take a leaf out of their book.

Switzerland has a population of 8 million people and has what is probably among the best quality of living in Europe.

90 per cent of its gross value added is from high-value export markets.

67 per cent of young people at the age of 15 start their senior phase as paid apprentices. The apprenticeships are designed, validated and delivered by industry, with 130 industry boards.

As SDS look to make inroads with the above aims with the help of a new website, be sure to stay tuned to infro as it profiles apprentices and promotes Skills Development Scotland’s efforts in raising the profile of the up-and-coming vocational talents in Scotland.